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"He has had enough of meddling who can please A young girl in the indolence of her youth, Or an old man upon a winter's night." -- W.B.Yeats

 New Poems: 2000-

Page 31

"Adam Freeman"

Page 32

"Air Base, Iceland, 1965", "A Clear Day in Mexico", "Targets", "Mi Amor, My Love", "Prayer on the Death of a Lady of Perfect Taste"

Page 33

"A Choice", "San Miguel de Allende, Sept.11, 2001", "Be Careful What You Ask For"


Poems: 1950-1999

Page 1

"In the Dead Hours", "The White Crane", "Orpheus Waking", "A Thread", "On Mykonos"

Page 2

"Interior with Figures", "The Effects of Poison", "In the Lobby", "A Partial Insight", "Dream"

Page 3

"Song", "Gino at Mass", "The Butcher", "The Greengrocer's Daughter"

Page 4

"For Two Men, Old Now", "Great-Grandmother: A Reminiscence", "Great-Grandpa Died on Monday"

Page 5

"Art News", "After Reading Claudia Roth Pierpoint on Marina Tsvetaeva", "After Dinner, Saint-Tropez", "Hibiscus Tea", "Just off the Ring Road"

Page 6

"One of the Thoughtful Children", "Clair de Lune ", "Notes on a Dead Love", "Remembrance", "The Old Pirate", "No Peace but Rage"

Page 7

"Boy on a Bicycle", "Blessings on All This Green Unpleasance", "Note to a Contemporary, 1953", "The Expatriate", "Volcanoes"

Page 8

"The Historian", "The American Professor", "Il Maggiordomo", "Entering the Palazzo", "Nobiltà Obbliga"

Page 9

"The Marchesa", "An Exile", "The Contessa Mounted on her Arabian and at Home", "The Principessa", "La Nobildonna"

Page 10

"On the Terrace of Casa Vivaio", "The House in Tuscany", "How to Get to My House in Mexico", "Mexico, La Noche"

Page 11

"Her Complaint", "Avis Compared", "Barbara Speaks to the River", and "The Unfaithful Wife" (translated from Garcia Lorca)

Page 12

"Family Outing", "Poem", "Picnic", "Ruminations"

Page 13

"In Memory of Dylan Thomas", "Losses", "The Salesman Who Reads Greek", "Calle Refugio"

Page 14

"Letter from Lon", "Long Distance", "Winter from a Window", "Visiting Graveyards"

Page 15

"Tulip, Ark.", "Children Playing on Sunday", "Butchering", "Turning the Corner", "Exodus"

Page 16

"View", "On Corfu", "To the Mountain", "What Am I Doing", "A Being in a Square"

Page 17

"In the Museum", "The Antiquarian", "Glamour Girl, Firenze", "Foreign Student", "A Curse Upon a Rich Old Man"

Page 18

"If God", "News from the Cave", "The Apostate's Rhyme", "Warning", "Tool Talk", "Bovinity"

Page 19

"Una Nobildonna" (the unabridged text; extracts appear on Pages 8 & 9)

Page 20

"Letter to Italy", and "Castile" (translated from M.Machado)

Page 21

"The Wolf's Motives" (translated from Rubén Darío)

Page 22

"Tithing", "The Wise Man", "The Poor Man Thinks", "A Fragment" (translated from Calderon de la Barca, Rimbaud, Leopardi)

Page 23

"To Himself", "To the Moon", "The Infinite", "To the Evening" (translated from Leopardi, Foscolo)

Page 24

"Love's Pain", "Love's Power", "To His Beloved", "Love's Torment" (translated from Ugo Foscolo)

Page 25

"The Sacred Dancer", "Three Self-Portraits" (translated from Alfieri, Foscolo, Manzoni)

Page 26

"To His Brother", "On His Father's Death", "Florentia", "To Italy" (translated from Ugo Foscolo)

Page 27

"To Zante", "Song", "Imitation", "Twenty Centuries", "Fantasy for a Beginning of Spring" (translated from Foscolo, Lope de Vega, Leopardi, Storni, Penna)

Page 28

"The Balcony", "Solitary Pines", "Serenade", "To the Sun" (translated from Penna, Foscolo)

Page 29

"To Himself", "To His Muse", "I Am Not Who I Was", "Five Lyrics", "Ulysses" (translated from Foscolo, Penna, Saba)

Page 30

"The Flowers", "Evening in the Garden", "Lesson in Aesthetics" (translated from Palazzeschi, Penna)

    Grateful acknowedgement is expressed to N.E.Phillips for valuable
    contributions to the translation of the poems by Ugo Foscolo and 
    Aldo Palazzeschi.




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Acknowledgments: Versions of some of these poems, which were written in the years1950 through 1999, first appeared in Bellowing Ark, The Beloit Poetry journal, Blue Unicorn, The California Quarterly, The Colorado Quarterly, Descant, The Georgia Review, El Independiente, The Lyric, Mankato Poetry Review, Poetry Chap-Book, Poetry Motel, Prairie Schooner, Preview, San Miguel Writer, The University of Kansas City Review, Whetstone, and in two earlier collections -- Two Poets (with Edsel Ford), 1951, and In a Galloping Wind, 1953.




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