Estes Optima

This kit is out of production since long time. It's one of the best Estes has ever built.

Technical data: 1.20 mt height, over 200gr. weight

In the pictures below you will see the model with a D12-3 engine. This is the only Estes motor that can be used. The lift-off is slow and the model goes up to 100 mt.

You can use some Aerotech relodable motor as well. Personnally, I use E18 and F12. The last being the perfect choice. It goes up to 300 mt.

If you build this model you can consider to substitute the original centering ring with something else more sturdy especially if you use Aerotech motors

Some pictures...

The model is on the launch pad

Perfect lift-off...A while after the ignition sequence
Optima leaves the launch pad

Optima is at about 10mt/sec


You can see the smoke trail and the model in the cloud.
After 2 sec. the model is 60-70 mt. height.
Max acceleration is 7g


The 60 cm. chute is deployed after having reached the maximun altitude.

Re-entry phase is at the end..You can still see the chute


Safe. The Optima is ready for another fly