How to modify rocket models

In this page I collected some of my pictures which describe a kind of modification that can be applied to model rockets. In this way you can rid of wadding and the parachute will be protected with a more efficent system.



The system is straight simple and it's built around a couple of cardboard discs which are cut in a way that let them adapt with the model sections. In the first disc the holes are arranged in a different way in respect of those of the second disc. It doesn't matter which disc is put first in the tube starting from the lower section. The holes area is at least the same  than the internal area of the engine. The cooling mesh is inserted in the chamber formed by the two discs. The gas are cooled when they get through this mesh



Image n.1

The first disc. Every hole has been strenght with super attack glue and they don't break open under gas pressure


 Image n.2

The cooling mesh inside the tube adaptor.


 Immge n.3

The disc in the front section is going to close the adaptor volume. The holes are arranged in a totally different way.


 Image n.4

The cooling mesh ( stainless steel ) and the tube adaptor. The cooling mesh has to be put inside the adaptor


 Image n.5

The same modification with Optima model. The adaptor is closed by the disc. The cooling mesh is already inside