Infos about me and some other interesting links:


Software engineer


I've got several interests, especially about astronomy and astronautics.

During my free time I'm working on a satellite tracking program. For more information have a look to SATBUSTER homepage

As I have already said I love astronomy and thus I like to occasionally spend nights observing the sky through my Schmidt-Cassegrain 8" telescope.

I feel deeply involved in rocketry hobby. I started one year ago and I took the Level 1 Certification.

(astronaut repairing the Hubble Space Telescope)


For those of you who are interested in artificial satellites or astronautics go to visit the on line catalogs of Praxis and Wiley or  Cambridge where you can find there lots of intersting technical books. 


Some links to my favourite band: MADNESS...


Links of interest about the band:

Total Madness
  Don't quote me on that
 Madness - Madstock Online
 The unofficial Madness


If you are an enthusiast Italian car fan then you can buy a quite interesting magazine: Auto Italia. Their website has got a preview of articles and you can find plenty of links about cars as well.