Frontiera, Roma      13 Feb. 1999
It's a poor definition to say that Gluecifer are the new Rock 'n' roll kings.... They kick ass, they are exciting, funny, absolutely great, a real nature strength and more...
They produce terrible effects on the audience, totally cached by their power. The people let themselves go to pure hysterism (naked boys who moves sensually in compulsive ways on the  ground and things like this...).
I swear that it's ten years that I didn't see a gig like this one.
Gluecifer cannot be compared to anyone because on stage they have no rivals. If some of you ever saw the Vandals, well, maybe Gluecifer are the hard rock version of the Vandals but up to the cube
Nobody can denies to this band such power on stage.
I have to admit that I was waiting for them and I was very happy that they hit Roma.
Unfortunately, as usual, the gig promotion was bad: no posters on the walls, and the sudden change of the venue was not announced at all, so many people went to the wrong one....
I feel ashamed every time in front of this groups that drive for so many miles to find just few people at their show because of the inefficiency of the italian organizers.
Every time we meet these bands, we feel the need to say "Sorry" and to explain that in Roma goes in this way.
In Roma there's NO ONE WHO CAN ORGANIZE A CONCERT IN A GOOD WAY, neither a venue's owner who's able to promote the show.
The show started at 11.30 p.m. when the five furies walked the scene, lightened by red lights and with the star symbol of Gluecifer on the back. All  dressed in the same way, with red velvet shirt and black trousers. Only shoes were some white (very original) and some black.
Two guitars, one bass guitar, drums and voice. And one red-haired roadie.
Sixty-one killer minutes, with almost all the tracks from their "Ridin' the  tiger" & "Soaring with eagles at night to rise with the pigs in the morning".  Biff Malibu, the singer, introduces the songs and entertain the audience ("Ladies & Gentlemen......") in a Greg Graffin-Bad Religion style, and we like it a lot. And to delete the stupid point of view of someone who defines them a metal band, they dedicated a song to the people who hates dark metal!
The hour faded away very fast, without letting the time to think.
What should we say?

Immediately after the show we went in the backstage and kindly Biff Malibu, the singer, released us this interview:

Pogopop = P
Gluecifer = G

P: Hi Biff, thank you for playing in Roma, how's going on the european tour?
G: The tour is going very well, also here in Italy we're having a lot of fun. Before of this tour we have been in Italy just one time, in Biella.
I can say that in Italy we eat in a such good way that I'm getting fat!

P: Let's talk about your music. The music magazine define your music in several ways. Pogopop thinks that you're pure rock 'n' roll. Do you agree?
G: Well, our roots are in punk music but after we choose a more hard rock oriented way because we found punk too close in itself. Of course we're not hard rock in the usual known sense of the word.... it's an hard rock-rock 'n' roll, that's it! (yeah! they're Rolling Stones + Ramones, n.d.a.!!!!)

P: So, your roots are in the punk... but now from where do you take inspiration?
G: Well, mainly from Rolling Stones, Stooges, MC5, AC DC and 80's australian bands, Ted Nugent etc. etc. Lot of good music in that period...

P: You're from Norway and a lot of good bands are from Scandinavia. Why the reason of this Scandinavian wave?
G: That's true! We're very influenced by anglo-american music & culture and also we know very well english language. In this last years a lot of good bands from Scandinavia went out.... this caused that the success of one band opened the doors on the scandinavian scene..... people look for these bands now!

P: So, if you would have sung in your mother tongue you wouldn't have the same success!
G: No of course (laughing)!!! It's more or less as I were italian and I sang in italian: I would have success just if I were Pavarotti!

P: You were called by Man's Ruin, the greatest U.S. indie label and you are produced & delivered by them.... talk about your experience at the Man's Ruin.
G: Oh well, we worked by distance! We have been in contact with them but we never met. When we'll leave for the U.S. tour in March we have the chance to meet them, finally (And in the States they will have a great success, BE SURE, n.d.a.)

P: Which is the gig where you had more fun?
G: Madrid undoubtedly. It was the most funny gig of this tour at the moment. And then Roma too. Firstly Madrid and then Roma (thanx for you kindness but we don't believe you! Only 100 people & only first row dancing! n.d.a.)

P: We knew that your countrymen Turbonegro splitted. Do you know something about this?
G: Oh well, I knew of the split only from press-agencies... not much more....

P: In some interviews with you they talk only about Hellacopters & Backyards Babies while in others the interviewer throw down a very long list of scandinavian bands: tell us by yourself five bands that you  think are really good.
G: Difficult question, let me think on it... Grinners for sure, then Hellreid, Rayon beat Cospirassi, A-Bombs.....

P: OK, thank you so much, would yo like to say hello to Pogopop listeners?
G: Sure! Hi there this is Bif Malibu from Gluecifer and you're listening

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