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REVIEWS, NEWS and INFO from 31 october 1999 to 12 june 2000
Rome 12th june 2000:  The Turturros "Songs for Losers": here they are again The Turturros, punk rock '77 band from Rome, Italy, after just few months from their demo "Lazy & Idiot" with their new album "Songs for losers". This hyper-efficient band is involved in the Rome's music scene and in the alternative music promotion (check out Be Nice To Mommy). "Songs for losers" is featured by 10 speedy tracks, all in the Turturros-Ramones style: they have got to make a personal punk'77 inspirated to Ramones sound. Short and penetrating lyrics, all in english, describe the big city boring music environment atmosphere as it is in Rome ("Boring City", "Songs for losers") or represent an invitation to stay united and don't give up the fight (Rude Boy-don't give up). This album is  with no doubt an evolution, an improvement of the band creativity: they are better amalgamated learning to take advantage from chorus, rhythm and melody changes. Our favourite is "In bed with you".
Strung Out "The element of sonic defiance":  The element of sonic defiance, as the Strung-Out named their new album, has a space inspiration...Eight new brand songs for this South California band that plays since 8 years. The mixed sounds are of different nature and origin, the record could be defined a punk-hardcore miscellanea affected in some points by metal influences. Sometimes they are closer to No Fun at All, sometimes to Sick of it All, Frenzal Rhomb, with a darker and deep sound, and some beginnings seem those of the fast and powerful Iron Maiden ballads...there is a lot for all tastes. The sound mix has a strong effect overall causing always a dragging and intense music. "Mission to Mars" and "Everyday game" are the best. Warning!! they will be in tour very soon!
Avail "One Wrench": Avail attend the hard-core melodic scene since 12 years. In 1988 they published their first  demo since then they toured the world with enthusiastic live performances. They issued 5 complete albums, 2 live records, a lot of 7" and attended to several compilations, becoming for this reason, an historical part of the hard-core scene. The band recently left Lookout Records, which launched them in the international market, and joined the Fat Wreck publishing "One Wrench", album featured by 14 new songs (included "Taken" which was also edit in the  "Life in the fat lane" compilation). They maintained their own style: fast, assertive, shouted and melodic, with sincere, strigth and socially engaged lyrics. There are "Taken" and "High Lonesome" more melodic while "N30", "New Song" and "Invisible" are fast, heavy, raged. Most of the songs are sung by Tim Barry together with Beau Beau (the band go-go dancer...do you remember the guy with short beard who shakes always on stage?). Our favourite tracks are "Bell" and "Taken". They are touring Europe and USA now, so pay attention to their tourdates!
Rome 04th june 2000:Radio Vudù "Tutti Fatti Fotti Tutti":  Radio Vudù define themselves as "the punk-rock zombies resurrected in the autumn of 1992 to launch again the most violent late'70s punk sounds and to inflate the stages with their live-bestial performances". This definition gives good hopes overall to the people who will have the chance to check their live skills. The line-up is made by four guys, all from Milan. Radio Vudù came out with their debut demo in 1994, while "Tutti Fatti, Fotti Tutti" is the second ep (1999). The mini album is featured by four tracks, all in italian but one "Honky Tonk Women", which the last "Tutti Fatti, Fotti Tutti" is a live recording that gives the name to the record. While "Diretta Tivvù" and "Tutti Fatti Fotti Tutti"  are nice and honest italian '80s punk-rock songs, with interesting lyrics, "Bambolina", the second track, is a little jewel. If you listen to it once, you'll find yourself to sing it and listen it again and again, because it's made with the right receipt for a succesfull song, with all the qualities to become the hit single which gives fame to a band. Radio Vudù have got a personal style, straight and lo-fi. Smart and funny, they are up to keep the promises, so we are waiting for new confirmations.
Roma 30th may 2000: Linea Maginot "Demo'99":  five tracks feature the first Linea Maginot demo. Linea Maginot line-up is made by three musicians from Cervia (Ra), a little town in the north of Italy. After the first listening, we decided to broadcast their work during Pogopop wave, the Pogopop section devoted to the new-wave music. We think infact, that this band is well introduced in the post-rock, new wave italian scene. The five songs are very deep, intense, vivid, poetic and well played. They delivered a set of quality songs, all in italian. Clever use of xilophone and keyboard sounds ("Ti vorrei", "Fiori d'arancio e luna"). The rythms are never the same: from the slow ballade to fast melodic musical movement (Ti Vorrei). Maybe it is a rude definition, but this is a very good demo and a sound basis for even better things to come. "Demo'99" has a symphonic accent with recalls to the best italian solo singer tradition. The lyrics, poetic as the music, are little painting, malinconic, struggle and thoughtful pictures. Linea Maginot are close to last CSI, Diaframma, Mogwai and  Eels. The track we like most is "Ti vorrei".

Fanzine: "Escrementi" di Deborah Soni (via Donati 6, 28811 Arizzano, Verbania or write to her best friend Vanessa): send 2000 lire or 1 euro and ask for the III issue of this mytic punk-fanzine, it rocks. All hand written on 20 A3 paper sheets (this is a challenge for all!!!!) it is featured this time of several interviews to the most interesting italian punk-rock bands (Matrioska, Punkreas, Los Fastidios, 16 Valvole, Vallanzaska, Derozer), news, pictures, thoughts, comments, reviews,strange tales and poetrys, all in italian (but if you are a little bit familiar with our tongue, it will be easy to read). Deborah has an original, funny, volcanic and personal style. This fanzine gives you news and happy mood! 
Rome 21st may 2000: Flinch "All Day Breackfast": the Flinch's line up is made by five elements from the North of Wales, together since 1997, year of the band start up. In march 1999 they won the "Demo of the month" in "Guitarist" magazine with their song "Nothing's wrong" (such a wonderful track!!!) included in the Flinch debut album "All day breackfast". You must listen to this album loud, with a high volume, to taste every instrument untill the end. This album is very well played and recorded. The melodies have an indie, grunge, rock of the roots blend and a very original power-pop, intense sound. The 12 included tracks are so well done and tought that this album seems more from a very trained band than a first complete work from a new band. "Milky way waltz", "Nothing's wrong", "Wallflower" "Girl in the window" are the best songs, even if also all the rest is of high level. The feature of this band, that hitted me most, it is their ability of creating very good start for every song, so each one could be a potential hit-single. This is a record to listen to again and again.

If you never had the chance to see the Dance Hall Crashers live you can take advantage of "The live record- Witless Banter and 25 Mildly Antagonostic Songs of Love", 25 tracks of this band from California, all recorded in Los Angeles during their last gig of 1999 autumn tour. This album is pubblished by  Pink and Black Records and distributed by Fat Wreck Chords. A dragging and powerful atmosphere features "the Live record": you are pushed to dance and listen to it 1000 times without getting bored. DHC have got the skill to write great, easy-listening and reach of rhythm melodies, and propose them in a funny and speedy way.  25 classical DHC tracks (from "Make her purr" to "Trying", "Enough", "Queen for a Day" just to set some examples). A live album that could be defined as an antology for this 11 years old band. This is good for the real fans and for the curious listeners who want to have fun!
Good Riddance "The phenomenon of craving": a new EP from the legendary hard-driving hard-core band. Good Riddance have been the teachers of several bands from everywhere in the world, with their unique, personal, speed, dragging, shouted and rich of heart and soul style. They are coming out for the Fat Wreck with their new EP listed by six tasteful tracks, excellent to charge everyone. I reccomend not to listen to it while you're driving alone any kind of car, motorbike etc etc it is too much dragging, quite dangerous. Do you know what I mean? Good Riddance will be on tour with NOFX and Snapcase in Europe on the Deconstruction Tour  in Italy and in Europe and there will be ample chances to see them live during the Vans Warped Tour 2000. Pogopop favourite track of the EP: "Start at Zero" wonderful start up, great development of the song. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this record are being donated to "The Homeless Garden Project".
Mad Caddies "The holiday has been cancelled": Santa Barbara's seven young musicians come back to us with this new EP released by Fat Wreck. Four brand new tracks plus an Abba's cover (S.O.S.)  charged, in the classical way of Mad Caddies, of sounds, instruments and several musical contaminations from  punk to ska-jazz. They get to scan the entire musical scene in a very natural way.  Maybe this time they could give us something more: this EP is very easy-listening, very well played, also very fun, but there is not the hit, the track that is more expecial than the others. Abba's cover is extraordinary, I hope they will soon offer us a catchy and complete new album as they are used to do. In the meantime go and see them live (they are fantastic) at the Deconstruction Tour.
Maybe you just know these 2 albums I'm going to write about because they are the real novelty of 2000...Pogopop wants to give its hyper-positive and astonished opinion on the Him "Razorblade Romance" and Madrugada"Industrial Silence" works: these two scandinavian bands are spectacular, don't miss them overall if you have the chance to attend one of their live shows. If the quality of their first masterpiece will increase with time, we are sure they will represent the basic band of the first 10 years of 2000. They will leave their tracks. "Industrial Silence" Madrugada: 13 master-piece songs constitute the tracklist of this record, from "Vocal" to "Belladonna" and to "Norwegian hammerworks corp.". Actually it is very hard to select a non-good song among these 13...each one is close to perfection. The music is very well organized, well played, the instruments come and play with the right tempo and in sequence. Genius and harmony rule this album. If you want some musical references, we may define Madrugada between Hellacopters and Grant Lee Buffalo in a softer and powerful version. You must listen to them!!! The singer Sivert Hoyem's voice is, at the moment, one of the best, strong, deep and lightly dark one. Him "Razorblade Romance" I can compare this record to a wonderfull woman with too much make-up. This comparison could look weird but it gives you an idea about how "Razorblade Romance" is. It is an album rich of great intuitions, well played, well tought, well interpreted and sung, but a little bit too set...as Him or their producer(s) would have made more than the needed, giving to the record a strong new-goth/romantic accent. The romantic version of Ramnstain. Its beauty, sometimes, results rude. Beyond this impression, this is a wonderful record...you can't miss it, it is a great opera, as a musical that unravels in the 11 or 13 tracks (some albums have 2 bonus tracks) all about love and passion, feelings that you can strongly perceive in the band music. The track list reaches the top with "Join me in death". The piano sound is magic. Listening this album it is like follow a romantic-noir movie, every song is striclty connected with the others by the same woof, which actually are the singer voice and the lyrics.
Roma 02nd may 2000: One Dimensional Man "1000 doses of love" (Wide Records): The One Dimensional Man acted as support of several great bands as Blonde Redhead, Uzeda, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, in their last tour in Italy. This is not a casuality: ODM have a lot to do with the above mentioned groups. Mainly the skill and the ability to produce a very good and original post-rock music with a strong personality, putting in new musical and vocal ideas. Let me set them close to the Steve Albini's record label Touch and Go's bands: you can figure it out at the first listening of "1000 doses of love", their second album. Powerful speed stopped guitars and dragging rhytms with a rock-root touch characterize their music. A very good job, 9 tracks all in english, well thought and calibrated, which wink eye a bit to all kind of rock lovers: if you like the Blonde Redhead-Fugazi style, they'll drive you crazy, if you are a good music listener and you like to try, they will not disappoint you. ODM are a very good way to be introduced to the new evolved rock at the same level of the best internationalr bands. They are on tour now: don't miss'em!!!!

Ray Daytona & Googoobombos "A wild shot of" (Mad Driver Records): here we are in front of another miracle signed Italy. I ask myself how it is possible, in a country like Italy where being a musician is a challenge against nature and it means going against the current, the developement of such high level bands. They not only are inflated with non-commercial music styles, as surf is in Italy, but Ray Daytona and the Googoobombos made it so well..."A wild shot of" is a concentrate of 60's surf, mixed up with speed garage and punksurf rhytms. 14 tracks, some instrumental and some sung in english, one more catchy than the other. It's a pleasure since the first listening. Your ears infact can easily follow the melodies and you're dragged into dance! There are several killing tracks as  "Speed limit 65", "Jamie Lee", "Surf Party" and all the rest. But this is not a novelty for Ray Daytona and the Googoobombos who started their carrier in 1997 releasing 4 singles and attending to several compilations. The band lineup is made by five guys, included a girl who plays bass, as the great band do (as Pixies, that elaborated surf in a post punk key). They use all the instruments and the classical surf chords with a fine sound research which made this album complete. The Ray Daytona and the Googoobombos record label is the Mad Driver Records, label which makes you dream because of its courage and skill in choosing bands to produce. Very Good!
The Cleaners "Walking on eggshells" (Redorecords): four guys from Rowelett, Texas, make the Cleaners lineup, young punkrock band who sent us their album "Walking on eggshells" written between 1996 and 1997, but, I guess, recently released by Redo Records. This album hits your heart immediately with the first track "I like the sun" which is my favourite one. Actually it could be an hit as other more famous pop-punk songs. The Cleaners start with this emo punk song and keep on with a 50 seconds speed punk "Frat Maniac", going trough "Nothingnumb", which has a sudden slow end, to the Vandalsish "Mannequin" and finally to the instrumental "Vintage"... so 20 tracks well assorted. It is a surprise how they get to find new music themes in a such hyper abused kind of music as the punk rock is! The record is at the same level of any band as Lagwagon, No Use For a Name or NOFX so if you love punk rock and you're loking for somenthing new and expecial it's time to contact The Cleaners!
Bracket"When all else fails" (Fat Wrek Chords):  Bracket are from North California and this is their third full lenght album made by 13 tracks. The band, formed in the early 90's, and produced first by Caroline Records, then by Fat Wreck since 1996, propose a very romantic, healty, melodic punk-pop. Some songs ("Spazz" the 4th track and "Warren's Song part 9" the 6th) rise pick of melodies close to the ones of  Weezer and of Mommyheads. This was very surprising to me. They come out from the Lagwagon pop-punk style, so common at Fat, and Bracket show the ability to elaborate an original pop-punk sound. They use chorus, as Blink 182 and Green Day (in the same key of "Redundant" from last GD album Nimrod) do, with some guitar riffs ("Cynically Depressed"), reggae-ska rhythms, as Dance Hall Crashers, and, finally, inflated teen-ager melodies, that make them a nice mix of several styles. In the last months punk-pop production this is the most original and dragging record that I've listened to. This is good also for exigent and subtle ears.
Rome 09th april 2000: VolusGolia "In Silenzio" (Indye Volusrecords):  VolusGolia, is a band from Torino, which lineup is made by six elements who recently edited their new album "In Silenzio" all in italian. This album contains 13 tracks recorded during feb/march 1999. The band steps the stage since long time and they have a very good live experience both as a cover band of Cult, Faith No More, Living Color and SoundGarden and as a group who plays own original songs. Since the first powerful notes and the vocalist style you can figure out that this band has roots in the '80s new wave sound, clearly inspirated to old Litfiba and to all the international and italian underground music tradition of those years. They have also something of psychedelic/stoner (an example is the 3rd track "Senza") which is in between the Pink Floyd and Kyuss sound. If you like the eighties and you're also desperatly seeking something like that, well, here they are: they will not disappoint you!

Air "The Virgin Suicides": The first time I listened to "Playground Love" I was so touched that I almost started to cry for the emotion of such beautiful, struggle and romantic sound. The video reminds me the old late 70s childish memories but moreover the music is able to give strong emotions: in front of such beauty and ability in music composition you can't avoid to stop and listen to it. Those two french guys have put together all the best lounge sonorities, the best french and soundtrack seventies melodic tradition (as in "Dead Bodies" the 12th track)  with a Blurish sound research (I'm sure that Damon Albarn and Co. are in love with this album!), breeding to a killing prodouct. "The Virgin Suicides" is the soundtrack of the omonymous movie of Sophia Coppola totally produced, composed and performed by Air. Air gave several clues of their genious with the past two albums and now they reached the top. Beside "Playground Love" there are 12 tracks, all very well studied, that drag you: some are more blue and others are very relaxing or romantic anyway they are al perfect for a sountrack. It's very tough to find all the several infuences Air are affected by, beacuse they are many: you could listen to "The Virgin Suicides" 1000 times and don't get bored. It is so complex of sounds in its simple way to be. Will they win the next soundtrack Oscar?
Eels"Daisies of The Galaxy" : the mysterious and shy Mr.E is almost taken up again from his infinite blue who was the main feature of the last album of this great US band. The matter to be sad at that time was very serious, but now it seems that E is back with a new, happy and tender view of the universe (or Galaxy?) almost a childish view. "Daisies of the Galaxies" has 15 tracks (included "Mr.E's Beautiful Blues") one better that the other. E goes from the sound research and to the Doors pipe organ, as Beck does, to the pure melody affected by feelings. If you like to feel the soul in what you're listening, "Daisies of the Galaxies" is the best for you.
Roma 12 march 2000: SNUFF "Numbs Nuts" (Fat Wreck Chords): the most famous punk rock band is back with the new record, which will be released the next march 21st under the supervision of the (mythic) Fat Wreck.  After 14 years of activity here they are the new explosive 16 tracks of classic punk rock (as "Pixies",the first song) mixed with emo moments (Romeo & Juliet), ska core melodies ("Marbles" in particular, the forth track and "It's a Long Way Down" the eleventh) and with pushed hard-core music which burns up very fast (Fuck Off). The hoarse and suffered voice of Duncan Redmonds, the SNUFF's singer, is unequivocal and goes along with every song, flowing between several musical tempos and lyrics. Lyrics that express rage, love, friendship and memories. You can't stop yourself from pogo and slam dancing, you'll find yourself hanging your arms pointing to a virtual band... Don't worry! they'll be on tour very soon! Fat wreck indeed said to expect the band hit all corners of the globe working their "Numb Nuts" off!!!  "Pixies", the first track, introduces is about the magic of the music. There are several musical references and Snuff aren't lost in the old and same punk circuits, but thanking to their experience, they know how to change melodies and find new ways in music. 37 minutes to listen to in a breath!

Roma 04 march 2000: Unfortunately at the moment we can't play the music the new bands send us because of the lack of a good radio who hosts us...so we can just describe and try to give you a track of the beauty of this new production... unfortunately it is very difficult to spread around the music of these new bands who are raising up in the world and overall in Italy. The new italian scene is very good and it seems that the old gap between italian and foreigner bands disappeared, thanking to the developed by the italians ability to use their musical culture mixed with the international one. Let's talk about the news: recently we received a demo called "North Pole" from BIOEVO, a north italian band, who trained in the music environment, making covers from R.E.M., Smashing Pumpkins and others. On may 1999 they decided to record their first album with six original tracks all in english. This was a very good thing, I generally hate cover-bands because I can't understand why a group of people who know how to play and sing don't produce their own music...actually I hate cover band because they rule in Rome avoiding live exhibition of original groups. Of course play covers is a good way to gain money that allows the bands to autoproduce their own music. "North Pole" is a record made by six very well recorded songs, with a clean and clear sound. We can define it a great power-pop, with both brit and north-american (overall in the first track "Hail the Light") influences, as the last Belly's album. To give you a better idea about their sound all their songs but the first, can be collocated, with their own originality, close to the soft and romantic atmospheres of Belle & Sebastian and the new brit wave properly of bands as Snow Patrol, Geneva etc. etc. The greatest feature of this band is that they get to find a lot of melodies and several changes of rhythm inside the same song that surprise you since the first listening. If you listen "North Pole" with attention you'll find out that this is a gorgeous album, to listen to on the couch in your house in complete relax: you'll be dragged by it. One of the best tracks is "Offshore feelings", but also the rest are brilliant and they do deserve a better production. They could improve more their sound and ideas with a good production because they got the substance of the ideas. Don't miss this album and if you have a record label contact them fast!!! It is a lot of time since I'd like to write about a wonderful band as the Snow Patrol (I don't know their e-mail or web address, but you may find their record in good stores): they were the support band of Supergrass, and they impressed us a lot. They are from the space, they delighted us with their great sound, they are one of the best brit bands playing, their label is Jeepster indeed, the same of Belle and Sebastian, of Looper, of Salako etc etc...You can't miss "Songs for polar bears" that includes the GORGEOUS "Starfighter Pilot". You have to buy (lent, rent, steal) this album just to listen to this song. The sound is sweet and powerful, sometimes melting and dragging, with changes of mood and speed. Complex melodies enriched several instruments sounds, there are melodic and acid songs, anyway there are no words to describe this rapturous record: do what you can to listen to it!
Fanzine: don't miss Be Nice to Mommy, the new punk rock fanzine (all in italian...) that you can find both on the web and on paper version. The version I like more is the one on paper. It is very rich of interviews, reviews and comments (there is also an article about Pogopop!!!!!!!). In this issue you'll find original interviews to Mass Giorgini (the PRODUCER of the best Lookout Records music), to The Muffs, Furious George, to the Turtlehead. There is also a lot of stuff about the hard-core bands from Rome and our scene. There are also 10000 news and advisory to read in these 8 A4 paper sheet format. It costs just 1000 lire (0.5 euro, half dollar). It is written by the Turturros band members (you can contact Umberto D'Agostino, Via F. Rosazza 52 00153 Roma, Italy- to have a copy). Don't miss it!

Roma 06 february 2000: Incredible!! The roman music scene woke up again!!!! The 1st of February it has been a great punkrock session with 4 romans bands: the TesText, the Brigate Rozze, the Turturros, and the Killtime, whom we are proud of!!!! for several reasons: go read them and see the pictures of the gig!!!. One of these bands, the KILLTIME, has just published the first album called "FoodforAll" all in English. You can imagine their style just watching the cd cover which carry the band's logo clearly inspired to the one of the Lookout Records from Berkeley. Californian PunkPopRock, typical of the Mr T. Experience and of the Green Day, with some Sex Pistols affections, overall in the voice style. But not just this! you can find several hardcore ideas in some songs. The band line-up is made by 3 people (the perfect number)  all from Rome, and they have a great drummer (but this is a feature of a lot of bands from Rome). They wrote 10 tracks and our favourite ones are for the music and the style  "Transglobal Expedition 1999", "Infatuation Stupid habit" and "She's OK". Hi speed melodies, with well developed ideas and rhythm changes as the Bad Religion do. Write'em and try the music of these californian guys from Rome!!!!!  Don't be lazy, support the punkrock and the alternative music...it's cheap and gives you a lot of wellbeing!
Roma 22nd january 2000: PHP, " Phycholiday Project". If you are looking for a very

good Hardcore product you can't miss the PHP, from Milan, Italy. It's likely that lot of you knew some Italian late'80 hard core bands as the Negazione and you were looking for something of good quality in the international Hardcore scene...here they are! Even if they sing in Italian (the lyrics are very very good, intense and little bit
hermetic) you can appreciate their sound which will take you in a while. Great intros
alternated with slow and melodic moments that starts to run very fast. Their Hardcore reminds the '80s  one, well done old school style which will not disappoint you. They published their first work in 1998,(Autoproduzioni Moleste) a split with an Italian crust band, Kontatto. Here you can find seven tracks, all different (that's very fine if you think that's easy in the hard core to mix up voice and guitar and make just a big noise). The songs we like most are "Virus", "Aria di Festa", "Adrenalina", which involve you since their start. More recently they produce another
split with Mach5, a Hardcore band from Monza, Italy, edited by  Riot Records from Milan. " Phycholiday Project" contains 6 pieces faster and enraged with a marked and personalized '80s track (some intros reminds the Misfits). The best songs are "In me" and "Soluzione". You can't miss it!!!. If you love Hardcore this is a very high quality record, if you don't, you'll love it the same.

Roma 26th december 1999: Libra, "Ad ogni costo". The first autoproduced album of Libra is a complete composition: it isn't necessary to write 12 tracks to make an entire good job. The word Libra can be associated in italian with balance, equilibrium and freedom, and these are the sensations their music pushes you to feel. Libra hit you with their music, lyrics, all in italian but trust me they're very good, and with their booklet. The cd's front picture has a little bird which is given freedom to, and, in the back side, a land of tree trunks in black and white, which reminds the view you can see from the highway through Venice, and from Venice they come from. The four rich of talent boys produced 8 tracks with the help of Max Sartor at the Maximun Volume Studio, all in italian, all deep, rich of intensity and of energic, acid, emphatic and in discord sounds. The voice marks the lyrics with a drammatic intensity, that is with pathos. To give you some clues about their music, we can put them in the  post-grunge wave close to the Seattle inspirations  straight to the modern rock of Touch and Go and  Dischord, close to the desert sessions of the several Man's Ruin stoner bands  as the Men of Porn (overall in the fifth track "Sbambolina"). They have a lot in common with the italian young rock scene, in particular with Estra and Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti (the third track "Saremo figli"  reminds some songs from "Piccolo intervento a vivo"  the Tre Allegri Ragazzi morti last but one album). If they  follow to evolve in this way, wihout falling in an exsasperated technicism, they will reach very high level not just in Italy but also aboard. Our favourites tracks are "Tutti a confessarsi" (great lyric) and "Sbambolina".

Roma 8th december 1999: the net connection allows us to be apreciated and considered by people from everywhere in the world, so lately we received several demos and albums from Germany and USA. The Nothings is a band from Los Angeles, California,who produced "A lot to learn" and we can say that, actually, they have few to learn!! They play a perfect and clean Punk-Rock, with punk'77 influences due to their producer. Infact the three guys from L.A. had the chance to meet and work with Steve Jones, guitarist of the famous Sex Pistols. You can feel the mythic english band track overall in the voice attitude, in the way the lyric is sung and in the accent of the rhythm. The guitar instead sometimes reminds the classic californian punk rock style, like the one from Lookout records. No doubt if you have the possibility to see them live or to listen them on vynil, cd, cassette..... "A lot to learn" contains 7 tracks and our favourite one is "Secret Society" which is about racism. If you love punk, this group is the perfect expression of '90 punk school style with some flashbacks. Kingsize Canary are 3 boys from Dillingen, Germany who started to play in 1997. They are a crossover-punk band. It's not easy to describe their music because they use hardcore, pop melodies and emocore mixed together with their original style. As they say, their 8 songs, all in english, sometimes have got an eighties sound. We like a lot the last one "Sunrise" and the first one "Sugar". They have good chanses to grow up more, improve and develop their very good ideas.

Roma november 21st 1999: we recently received and broadcasted 2 very interesting  DEMOsfrom 2 italian bands.  Oltrecortina is a 4 elements band from Milan, who produced "Vieni con me" (Come with me), a punk'77  six tracks demo. Pure classic punk-rock rythm and sounds, with an assertive voice and a quite unique music. The lyrics, in italian, are about rage, time that goes by, memories, about the life in big town periphery and the truly working-class. Our favourite is "Sempre con voi" (always with us), against the police repression during the soccer games in the stadium and everywhere. Grrrrr & Roarrrrrrr....
Four young boys from Treviso make the lineup of es. They define their 9 songs, inside "MUSICA TEDesCA tric e troc" (Music from Germany tric and troc), as "a  pop rock naif music and blue indie rock",  description I'm agree with at all.  If I can give you some musical references, to explain their sound, I could say that they are close to early Placebo, good late '70 italian rock and contemporary post-rock. You have to get through their rock. Their sound is studied as their rythm and  lyrics. Very good job. Some songs are in English as our favourite "jewels".
Fanzine: There is an e-zine from Rome in the web which is waiting for you!!! It's W il Punk Rock and has a lot of news, in Italian, about interesting concerts in Italy and about new italian bands!!!! The author is a young boy who attends every good punk-rock-hard-core italian gig.

Roma 1st november 1999: This is the Pogopop Halloween party tracklist .

Roma 31 october 1999:  Pogopop today will play, for the first time, live in a disco-pub, during the Halloween party. We don't mind a lot about Halloween, not at all, because we consider it another commercial big deal, to sell masks and other silly stuff to the people, convincing them that's fun, while it is another way to take them money, but, because we were called to make the people happy with our music, we are very delighted to attend this Halloween party tonight. We'll make you know the tonight tracklist. I'll bring a lot of Bad Religion stuff, Green Day (Kerplunk), Prozac+, CCCP, Misfits, and Ramones!!!!! along with other 100 cds.....
In the last 2 weeks were licensed many records I want to talk about, and if you have the chance to buy/rent/lent/steal them don't miss it:
1) Bloodhound Gang- Horray for Boobbies. We waited for 2 long years the third album of these fool guys, and, finally, here it is!!! This is a little bit more adult than the other 2. They grew up musically without loose their own original genial style. All the tracks have something expecial and you can't say they lack of inspiration and talent for music and lyrics, which are, as always, very well written and rich of fun. It's a real pleasure read all the words and stories contained in the booklet and lose time looking for the "hidden" sentences in between the rows.....
2) Frenzal Rhomb-A man's not a camel. I knew Frenzal Rhomb by the Fatwreck compilation "Life in the Fatline", record to buy for, just (but not only) for the Frenzal track "Do you wanna fight me".... great song!! A mix between pure punk rock with metal traces which added together determine an exceptional effect. I think that this contamination improve a lot the punk-rock style. Crossovering among several genres of music, without loose the own identity, is the secret of the best. At the basis of this, there is the music knowledge. These australian punk rockers are very original! You can't miss them! Their new cd, Man's not a camel, is very good. The song I like most is "We're going out tonight". If you have the chance to see them live, don't lose it, because, I'd do everything to attend their concert.
3) MrT Experience- Alcatraz. The MrT from punkpoppers became americanbritpoppers, with a surprising result. their style evolved in an unusual way for Dr.Frank, Joel and Jym. It's true that you can find always new inspiration and renew yourself also after a long carrier! Listen to "Tomorrow is a harsh mistress". More you listen more you like it. The european contamination from Blur, Elastica, Air to early '60 glitter beat-pop are mixed with the romantic american westcoast rock style.
4) Misfits-Famous Monster. Cool this album!!! I'm all concentrated in listening of this rare piece of early punk-hardcore. If we can compare the music evolution with the nature one, we can say that the '80 punk rock wasn't so far from the hard-core as it is now and this two genres of music weren't so refinely distincted in 2 different kind of music as in the'90. This record is an example of this early punk-rock- hard-core time, with also some metal in. Wonderful the cover and the drawings inside.
5) Elastica-6 track EP. Beside the fact I envie Justine Frishman to have been the Damon Albarn girlfriend for several years, I must confess that I'm also jealous of her talent, that she, unfortunately, hardly wants to show. After  5 years from their first great album, Elastica ("Blue" is one of my favourite songs) they are between us again....the  EP's tracks are very different from the ones contained in the first album so if you look for something similar, you'll be disappointed by this new job, which is rich of new ideas and musically more complex, maybe, than the old one. It's not easy to understand at the first listening but you have to listen it with an open mind. It's a very good work.
6)Hi-Standard-Making the Road: In the last Nirvana concert in Roma (which was the last but two in their history) Chris Novoselich said that Japan was closer to them (i.e. to the US west-coast) than to Italy. I don't know why, this sentence, impressed me a lot, maybe because I'd never tought about it before...all this to say that Hi-Standard are a band from Japan who plays and healty californian Punk-Rock, produced by FatWreck. I love Japan, and just this makes me appreciate them, but actually also their sound isn't bad at all!!!! the first album songs are very very good. They are far from the classical No Use For a Name and Lagwagon standard and they have their own style even if there isn't to much Japan in their notes.
7)Consumed-Hit for Six. BritPunkRock, with a lot of new musical ideas. Almost all their songs have a great start and many of them follow this way. The track number 5, Nicky Fry,  is my favourite one along with "Promoter Head", in which they change rythm and melody several time.
A lot of DEMOSarrived to us, and among all these, we liked more:
Turturros "Lazy & Idiot". This is a band from Rome: they conquered, at the first broadcasting, the hearts of a lot of Pogopop's listeners. The style is very close to the Ramones with fast and popping songs. See them live. They sing in english.
Testext"Superpunkyfragilistikaspiralidoso". The band lineup is made by 4 kids (17 and 18 years old) and it is one of the most surprising group from Rome. Their style among punk-rock, ska and latin emocore, is developed in a very original way in all their 6 tracks. They have strength, talent and they bloody want to play...you'll see them very soon live.
RNA "Nebbia". 3 songs for a very good band.They are still at the secondary school but they are very cleaver:there is a song about girls and boys which I like a lot. Well written the lyric and also very good the music, which is elaborated and not simple at all as lot of punk-rock groups do. GOOOOOOD!!!!
Fanzine: "Escrementi" di Deborah Soni (via Donati 6, 28811 Arizzano, Verbania- Italy): if you read italian you have to buy this funny and well written fanzine. Send her 2000 lire or 1 euro to receive her work: a lot of interviews to many italian alternative bands, a lot of articles about various subjects as the anarchy, the relationships etc etc...all hand written!!!!

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