Pinarella di Cervia, Ravenna, Italy, 29 march 1999
The Assorted Jelly Beans played before the Vandals. They have been very good! We tried to make an interview with them, but at the end of the Vandals gig, they were very busy with all the girls of the place and they looked like a little bit we thought that they preferred to have some fun, so we didn't insist with the interview.
They use a lot the bass, and this is what makes them better.They have also a lot of good musical ideas, so if you don't know almost a song of them you can have a lot of fun the same because all the tracks they purpose are very interesting and funny. The people inside the venue of Pinarella, Rock Planet, knew almost all their songs and they sang along with them for all their gig.
The pogo was great and all the kids seemed to enjoy a lot the music.
Check them out!!!!!!
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