25/05/2001 As you can easily see the building picture page has started, you'll find some pictures of rudders, soon it will come (i hope) daggerboards and rudder's cases, then crossbeams then.....Questions will always be answered on the forum in matters of few hours...

20/05/2001 A new files has been uploade: it's the ms2 model of a  wavepiercer hull, i am still looking for certain parameters to adopt in this type of hull as it seems that classical ones are out of use, the hull is also in IGES format so it can be inported in other CAD systems. The time to update this site seems definitively lost...But I don't leave this abandoned, as you can see the forum has its own vitality and answers are given to all those few questions. 

11/12/2000 Added four new pictures of '91 Little America's cup: OTIP challenger and unknown defender...

25/11/2000 I am trying to write down something on hot wire foam cutting and on foil building, however regarding foam cutting there are a number of goodsites available on Internet, try this search: build foam ctutter hot wire.

18/11/2000 Corrected two bad links on links page added two more links and above all new enrgy to start the buiding pages...

17/11/2000 Latest 3D multisurf model has been uploaded on download page. You'll find little changes on the site, new model's renderings on the pictures page, and all the pictures uploaded as thumbnails for a faster visualization of pages. Still evaluating if i have to use a so radical configuration of submerged appendages and if worth to modify entirely the model to adopt a wavepiercer shape like Flyer and fox catmarans.

14/10/2000 Today added a new screensaver, it's made with the 2000 A Class world championship, it's a bit heavy to download.... You'll find it at the download page. It seems that 6 months has passed before an update on the site....Yes you are right too much time.. i will try to re start the whole. More  as you can see also Steve clark has passed on the forum...really exciting.  Moreover i have uplpoaded few pictures of me under army...at about me page.

22/04/2000 Today after a hard month of study and six exams in four days at Catania University, i leave my home to start a new adventure...Sigh!... i won a military course to become a military official (liutenant) of the sanitary italian force (as i am  MD, and as i have to spent one year in miltary force, i prefer they pay me for making my job...instead to make it for free). However i willl not have my PC anymore, for sure i will have the posibilty to use someone else's PC (netcafé, universitiy's PC...) so i a quite sure  i will be able to reply to yours e-mails and to frequent that cheap forum you'll find here,  my e-mail is marcofailla@icqmail.com.
The point is that i will not be able to finally update this site, i will try however the same to update it.

10/04/2000 I have added a funny Java applet on the top frame, it simulates the rain falling over an image. Try to move your mouse over it without clicking.... really funny...;-) i should be better studying instead of waste my time this way :-(. However you will find the waterlines of my newest hull in much better resolution (netscape user : right click on image then click on view image to see it at the real resolution.)   , check it out hydrostatic outputs and waterlines for the last hull

6/04/2000 here some hydrostatic outputs and waterlines for the last hull

5/04/2000 The website has been renewed but..sigh:-( the contenet is still the same, please a little bit of patient, let's use the forum instead for discuss and keep in touch...

4/04/2000 News on the site...the forum is finally working on this site, it has the same style of catsailor forum so for many of you should be familiar. Please don't take what is written on the site as fixed and exact, this afternoon i have re-read after a many days what i have written....very dangerous, but i understand those writings as i was looking for reliable methods to design a hull and other things, now things are changed and i would like to re-write almost everything, but i really don't have the time....Please e-mail me or better use the new forum that i have added to publish our mails...

23/04/2000 Here the latest?!?! renderings, the page is a bit slow to load...

18/04/2000 Hi to all, i am working quite hard on the model, i am working together a very first class racing multihull designer( I don't know if it is the case to publish or not his name and for sure I have to obtain his permission to publish his ideas), this is leading to deep changes on the model, many things are right, but small changes often makes the biggest improvements, we are working mainly on the fore sections therefore on finding higher CP, on the possibility of using canted daggerboard to obtain a vertical lift, and on the balance of the whole system. I haven't the time to update the site, have  little bit of patient or e-mail me for more informations.

08/04/2000 Other refinements, on the 2D file you'll find some body stations configuration (boat pitched adn heeled of some degrees) and also the hydrostatics

07/04/2000 some adjustments to the 2D dxf files on the dowwnload page

06/04/2000 Big news, Due to the fact that at a first sight with a experimental VPP the boat could gain only 1.6 windspeed!?!!?, major changes has been done. The boat extimated weight has been lowered to 230-250Kg, the hull shape has been redrawn , the wlbeam is reduced, the hull freeboard has been reduced the hull has been canted by 6/7°, i am evaluating the introduction of canted daggerboard (practically hydrofoils), you will find by now the new .MS2 3D model of the cat and some new rendreings here

29/03/2000 added a new interesting link to non-conventional cat configuration, some words on the mast page on evaluating exact mast vertical loads.

21/03/2000 little refinements on the dxf 2d model file, few more words on the crossbeam page thanks to Bill Roberts

15/03/2000 More accurate calculation have been made in the hull page especially regarding the daggerboard induced drag, a more accurate point of flotation is acquired therefore

11/03/2000  Improved the theory of daggerboards and rudders, I need Cl counter angle of attack table of NACA 63012 at 2800000Rn and the area is finally given. However more accurate statistic measures are given for the daggerboard and rudder. Furthermore the 2D .dxf model has been refined a bit.

10/03/2000  you will find a beautifoul screensaver on the download page with a lot of great photo of the 99 A Class catamaran worlds

9/03/2000 Some new words on the mast page.

6/03/2000 Mast page is growing, added some picture of mast mold types. New: the website is now published on the boatBuilding community. I hope someone will give some help here. We need it!

5/03/2000 Published the 2D *.Dxf file of the sail, deck plan and of the body stations. Added a shot of Miss G a C Class cat derived from signor G, it had a bigger sail area

29/02/2000 Added dxf and ms2 updated 3D model of the cat, use .ms2 only with multisurf , you will fint them on the new page of downloads. also added a link to a boatbuilder page, he is building a 46" Crowther catamaran from divynicell glass and epoxy,the same i would like to use with also the same method, great!

28/02/2000 Corrected some points in the hull pages, especially when talking about Froude number.
Added News page and download area page.There you willl find the updated files of the hull ... .ms2 .dxf .vrm ecc..
Added three new pictures of 96 Little america's cup taken from Yann Fischer iroise site

26/02/2000 Hull's page goes a bit ahead, quite found the right dispalcement coordinates
it remains to see if the things written are really correct.
Added a new link Iroise is a F20 already sailing project, consisten photos of construction on the site.

------------  Site was growing.