Intents of this cheap site.

The aim of this site is to offer the opportunity to collaborate at the whole process needed to build a  big beach catamaran. Everything from design to building process is described and naturally is open to everyone intended to suggest, modify, add ideas to the project. Advices will be published on this site by me as soon as possible, you can also use the forum to submit your ideas or queries. All the data needed to design and build this cat will be published in order to allow everybody to analize and eventually build the cat. I hope this become an "How To..." design and build an high performances recreational boat thanks to mine but above all to your contribute. However this website doesn't pretend to be a reference point for boatbuilding but rather somethig like a discussion list where everybody can contribute to the whole thing. I don't have all the entire knowledge needed to design a boat, but who has it? An expert engineer certainly but that is his work so.... This site (i'm sure) is starting from a very low knowledge level but i hope this will increase as much as posible. However i think that it isn't  hard to collect all this experiences and certainly we could certainly make this togheter. Below you'll find an ICQ panel, from there you can post a message directly to my ICQ, e-mail is not required as it could seem.
Don't leave these cheap pages when you will see that here there are wrong concepts are the biggest part, post to this site your ideas, comments, advices,  report errors, think at this as an open space that is waiting for your experience.

Naturally we will start from certain parameters like length, width, sail area and crew weight. Basically we will refer to a catamaran whose parameter are very close to what is commonly known as a C Class Catamaran. These are very high tech cats usually rigged with rigid wing sails. They are a good starting point to me for multiple types of design. They are big enough to make the deck nearer to a day sailing/cruising cat, short enough to arrive to a beach cat project oriented to fun, and they are extreme enough to pretend to become the fastest sailing thing in a big part of your country. However at the beginning we will not point at the highest level as  we don't expect to partecipate to the Litttle America's Cup! even if speed is what we all look for. Rigid wingsails  are to far from a normal recreational use, but if you want to go big ...why not!

Last: Excuse me for bad english ( inglese macheronicus ) 

P.S.: the site, due to my lack of time, is not unpdated from a very very long time, many things has changed, so, post your question to the forum as this is the only part currently updated, from there you can also follow my progresses in building the cat

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