We have already said that we'll refer to the C Class rules. There are basically only 3 parameters to follow: 
Length 7.62m
Width 4.26m
Sail area 27.9
The crew number is limited to only two persons and only one can go outside the boat with a harness per time.
We'll start from this parameters trying to mantain things simple but efficient.
I have already said that we at the beginning will not point at the highest level, so weights are calculated for "normal" composite technology (PVC foam glass vynilester resin sandwich), also wings are not considered as sails are nearer to "normal" type of sailing

Computer Aided Design?

Nowadays the design process is entirely done using personal computer. The program that i like best is MultiSurf, this Aerohydro 3D CAD unlike many other build object on supports defined by the user (i.e. surfuces from curves, curves from points), by this way you are forced to draw objects as you should build them in the real world. It is a very very good device to create complex curves, ideally you can create every type of curve that you can imagine. It allows to perform very usefoul hydrostatic and mass calculation, and it's compatible with .DXF format and to many other draw formats. I suggest you to download this program, it will become a very strong part of your time spent to think and dream boats as it permits all manouvers needed to design a boat, it also do 3D renderings. You will not change it if you try. You have to give only your address at Aerohydro and they will sent the CD containing the program without any payment, it's totally free. The CD will arrive in few days.
I publish the model of the cat either in 3D or in 2D, in *.DXF format or in *.MS2 multisurf format. If you intend to modify seriously the model , you should take a copy of multisurf, altough i will give the .DXF 3D file , it's hard to apply any change to the model with for example AutoCad. I publish also .gif images ( visible from the browser ) with body stations , buttock lifts, waterlines et., these are quite usefoul if you want to do a scale model of the cat. You'l find these files in the download page.

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