Finally something new is starting on this website... Building methods are one of the most interesting things to find on a boating site as these pages can be usefoul to many people, more than those actually interested in catamaran building. I will write down these pages starting from things i will build first, becouse starting building itself helps you learn many tips and tricks and obiouvsly prevents waste of a large amount of money if you fail just at the beginnig (very easy!!!) for example a too "early" mast building, let's start then from rudders, daggerboards and rudder's gantry, it will follows crossbeams and so on, let's see what came out from this story...  :-)
There are so many way to build the same thing... I think that a crucial point for an home-builder is a sort of assurance for a certain result, it is easy to suggest a method that it is speedy often also cheaper but that alow to the builder a higher degree of error,for this reason  i tend to think at a boat building method that doesn't give me the possibility to fail,  in other terms foolproof. One could use marine plywood instead of PVC foam for example, it is cheaper, easy to obtain, easy to work with it, but it needs to me of a higher buiding skill to obtain a good result, while foam is more workable, you could cut it and then glue it, sand is also more expensive, but if you are looking for results this gives you an easier guarantee of a good result.