This is your place.

In this page you will find my e-mail address and my ICQ number. It's here that you can put a little bit of your experience or knowdledge regarding desining or building methods and all those things that here will be usefoul. I will add as soon as possible your advices in this site under your name, you could have a page of your own here and naturally a link to your site if you have one. I hope i'll be able to bring up to date every one week at least.

Forum   Finally i have built a forum (on the model of catsailor forum), please use it instead of sending me email as i prefer make things as much public as i can...
Here is my ICQ# : 26084898 with this number and ICQ on ypur PC/Mac you will be able to see me when i am online.
( ICQ is the most used pager around the Net, download it!)

So what are you waiting?

here it also my e-mail adress  :-)  POST IT HERE :-)