That's right!
My name is Marco Failla, i'm 25 year old.
I live in Sicily (Italy of course).
I'm not an engineer, i'm a medical doctor so you probably are asking yourself: "what am i doing here? An M.D. writes about marine engineering and i am reading this, for what? "
I started sailing something like 14 years ago with my first windsurf, after many summers spent on my boards i thougth that a fast sailboat was the right answer for those days spent on a beach waiting for stronger wind. What's better therefore of a beach catamaran. So i have choosen a Class A cat (probably the more extreme of catamaran classes) from BIMare. It's very fast, but it's designed for only one person and it's too delicate for a normal rectreational sailing (two person on board). From here the need ( it would be more correct to say pleasure  ) for a bigger boat. But most of all i'm very intersted in the whole process involved in design, i have looked for something similar around the Net for a little, i haven't found what i was looking for so i have decided to put together what i have learned out there. That's all. Obiouvsly this site doesn't intend to exhaust the questions... But it can help, moreover i'm very happy to contact other people intersted on those things that want to share their knowdledge with as much people as possible. 
For all of you that ask why i haven't updated the site for a such long time, here below some pictures of me doing my military service. 

Click on thumbnail to see a larger pic.


BUT below pictures of me making what i like best: sail, sea, beaches,!