Released in UK on January 17, 1969

Apple (parlophone) PMC 7070 (mono), PCS 7070 (stereo)

and in the USA on January 13, 1969

Apple (Capitol) SW-153 (only stereo)


my personal RATING : κκ½ (out of 5)


The soundtrack of the motion picture contains six new songs played by the Beatles.

The rest is an orchestral contribute created for each sequence and played by George Martin Orchestra.

Nothing new and interesting. Hey Bulldogg is a rock n' roll style song by Lennon, All together now sounds like

a children tale, Yellow submarine and All you need is love appeared on other previous albums, the only gem is Only a nortern song, which offers a large rank of psychedelic sounds and a sense of mystic trip.



Here you'll find my personal rating for each song (out of 5 stars):                           


1. Yellow submarine κκκ

2. Only a northern song κκκ½

3. All together now κκ

4. Hey bulldogg κκκ

5. It's all too much κκ

6. All you need is love κκκκ½

7. Pepperland* κκ½

8. Sea of time* κκ

9. Sea of holes κκ

10.Sea of monsters* κκ

11.March of the meanies* κκ

12.Pepperland laid waste* κκ

13.Yellow submarine in pepperland* κκ½

* played by George Martin Orchestra


Recorded at Abbey Road studios from May 1967 to February 1968

Produced by George Martin.

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