Abbey Road Studios


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Set foot in this studio and you are standing in the most famous studio in the world. The legendary acoustics imbue sound with a unique character that many have tried to emulate - but there's no substitute for the real thing.

The 2045 square feet (190 square metres) of floor space make Studio Two an extremely versatile recording environment that is ideal for live band recording. The studio can accommodate 55 musicians which makes it well suited to orchestral overdubs or small-scale film scoring sessions.

The Control Room is built on a seperate level overlooking the studio. It was rebuilt in 1996 to a Sam Toyoshima design, and is equipped with a 60 channel Neve VRP Legend console complete with Flying Faders Automation. The studio boasts a variety of analogue and digital tape formats plus a wide range of outboard gear.

Studio 2 control room



Studio 2 Specifications 

60' 2" (18,35m) long
38' 3" (11,65m) wide
24' (7,31m) high

Neve VRP 60 channel mixing console with Flying Faders automation
Quested monitoring
Studer A820 24 track analogue tape machine

Outboard Equipment:
Lexicon 480L
Lexicon 224XL
Lexicon PCM70
Quantec room simulator
2x Yamaha SPX 1000
Korg A3 guitar FX
TC 2290 delay
2x AMS DMX 15-80 delay
AKG TDU 8000 delay
Eventide H3000 harmoniser
Focusrite ISA 215 mic-amp/equaliser
GML 8200 equaliser
Focusrite Red 3 compressor/limiter
Urei 1178 stereo limiter
3x Drawmer DS210 dual gate
Drawmer 1960 stereo valve limiter
2x DBX 902 de-esser
Akai S1000 (8Mb RAM)
SRC/AT midi synchroniser
Echo chamber

Studio 2 plan