Released in UK on December 3, 1965

Parlophone PMC 1267 (mono), PCS 3075 (stereo)

and in the USA on December 6, 1965

Capitol T-2442 (mono), ST-2442 (stereo)


my personal RATING : κκκκ½ (out of 5)


Written and recorded between the American and British tours, Rubber Soul definitely signed the start of the psychedelic

phase of the group (thanks to the LSD's experimentation).

The standard style of the songs is here higher than on the other previous albums and also lyrics started to talk about 

ordinary life and the surrounding world, on the model of Dylan's compositions.

In particular, Lennon's songs have an enourmous importance here. He started to talk about his life', his introspective

thoughts and even of the places of his childhood.

McCartney's contribution to the album was limited to the wonderful Michelle and to some lyrics for In my life; his other songs

can't be compared to Lennon's.



Here you'll find my personal rating for each song (out of 5 stars):                           


1. Drive my car κκκ

2. Norwegian wood κκκκ½

3. You won't see me κκ½

4. Nowhere man κκκκ

5. Think for yourself κκ½

6. The word κκ

7. Michelle κκκκκ

8. What goes on κ½

9. Girl κκκκ½

10.I'm looking through you κκ½

11.In my life κκκκκ

12.Wait κκ

13.If I needed someone κκκ

14.Run for your life κκ


Recorded at Abbey Road studios from June to November 1965.

Produced by George Martin.



Images from the last tour (1965-1966)