1988 PAST MASTERS vol.2

 singles collection from 1965 to 1970




my personal RATING : κκκκ½ (out of 5)


In 1988 EMI published all the Beatles' singles on two compact discs (Past Masters vol1 & 2).

The first compilation contains the singles from 1963 to 1964, while vol.2 the remaining singles till 1970.


Here you'll find my personal rating for each song (out of 5 stars):










1. Day tripper κκκ½

2. We can work it out κκκκ½

3. Paperback writer κκκ

4. Rain κκκκ

5. Lady Madonna κκκ½

6. The inner light κκ

7. Hey Jude κκκκκ

8. Revolution κκκκ

9. Get back κκκκ½

10.Don't let me down κκκ

11.The ballad of John and Yoko κκκ

12.Old brown shoe κκκ

13.Across the universe κκκκ

14.Let it be κκκκκ

15.You know my name κκ½





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