Paul is dead

Sgt. Pepper's lonely hearts club band - 1967

Here, the The Beatles display a mischievious talent not unlike their talent in the studio, simply masterfull. The crowd includes faces (and bodies) of many famous people who passed away or have become outdated. Even the wax figures of the "early" Beatles stand in. They're overlooking a grave site and each of the Beatles is facing Paul who is facing forward into the grave (indicating his significance). The drum that they surround plays an eerie role, place a mirror accross the middle of the drum so that the reflective side is facing the top of the album. Read what the reflection has created by looking at the words split by the edge of the mirror: HE ^ DIE (Note that the arrow points to Paul). Its ironic that each Beatle is holding an instrument: John, a brass French Horn; George, a brass Flute; Ringo, a brass Trumpet; and Paul, a woodwind black Cor Anglais. The flowers spell out the word "BEATLES" and there is a left handed bass guitar there with 3 sticks upon it indicating that there are 3 remaining Beatles. Some even believe that the guitar appears to spell, "PAUL?" Above the Red "S" (of Beatles) is a doll wearing a green dress, she is watching a burning car fall from a cliff (see the yellow below the Rolling Stones doll?). There is another open palm above Paul's head. A doll sits off to the side (Jane Asher?!) with red lines (blood) running down her dress. A small car sits on her lap, a model of the car Paul was driving.
On the back cover, the Beatles are all facing forward except for Paul, who's turned around. George is pointing a "sixth finger at him, a sign of ill-omen. If you read across the back cover, from left to right, you can find all sorts of clues. Starting with "Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly" (from Lucy), continue to read across "Wednesday Morning at five o'clock as the day begins", "life flows on within you and without you" (funny that the "without you" seems to extend from Paul's head), "you're on your own you're in the street". Inside the album, Paul has a patch on his left arm "O. P. D.", Officially Pronounced Dead? (Remember, these are rumors, it actually says: O. P. P. -- You down with that?)
Hmm, looks like William Campbell again ;). He always had a mustache or slight beard.
One last note, the paper sleeve that held the vinyl record looked like it had been soaked inblood! At the bottom it's bright red but then fades into a light pink at the top. Subsequent releases of this album did not have the red-faded-into-pink color scheme on the inner sleeve.

Sgt. Pepper's lyrics:

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