Paul is dead

Magical Mystery Tour - 1967

Paul is in the black walrus costume on the cover, each of the other Beatles is wearing white. The walrus is a sign of death in certain cultures. Ironically, the other Beatles are dressed in white and hovering above him.
The word "Beatles" when held to a mirror is actually a phone number! The number is: 2317438. When the number was called, way back then, the person get this strange, cryptic message "You're getting closer.." and then the call would cut off abruptly. Inside the album is a booklet with pictures from the movie. Page 3 has a picture of Paul seated at a desk with a banner in front of him stating "I was". Also looks like Campbell again, you can see the scar on his lip here. Page 15 has a cartoon of Paul playing with a car on his desk. On page 18 and on the last page of the booklet there's that open palm again above Paul's head. Page 23 has Paul wearing a black flower, not a red one like the others are wearing. Another photograph shows Ringo's bass drum which reads, "Love the 3 Beatles." Behind that is a group of doctors and police officers.

Magical Mystery Tour lyrics:

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