Paul is dead

Final Thoughts

That almost wraps it up. We're sure that there are other clues out there that we are not aware of, or have simply forgotten. For example, We've overheard that someone has tried to verify that the vocal patterns of Paul's voice were the same when he sang "Yesterday" and "Lady Madonna", but instead found that they were different voices! Ummm....
If you know of any more let us know, We'd be happy to credit you within the document if you wish.


Here are a couple of other songs before we move on; it didn't seem worth creating an entire section for them. The song "I'll Follow The Sun" has some hints of what was to come when Paul sings "..someday, you'll look to see I've gone..."

The song "You Know My Name, Look Up The Number" was released on the flipside of "Let It Be" (45 rpm). This strange song has a cuckoo clock that "cuckoos" 5 quick times just before another phone number is read off. This number gave a "beware of Abbey Road" message each time it was called.

On the album cover of " Yesterday and Today" (the original butcher cover), Paul has a set of false teeth on his right arm and George is holding a doll's head next to Paul's head (Paul was supposedly decapitated and lost his teeth). On the replacement cover, the cover you are no doubt accustomed to, Paul is in a trunk that from the side, looks like a coffin. Did you notice the scar on "Paul's" lip?






Worried about losing their public or something, the Beatles decided to hide the death and get a replacement instead. The replacement was named. . . Billy Shears. We don't remember the supposed chronology, but it was just before the release of Sgt. Pepper. In any case, John was haunted by Paul's death, because he felt that if he had been there, Paul wouldn't have been driving where the accident happened.


In regards to Sgt. Pepper's, there never was a person named "Billy Shears", the Beatles were using a play on words to express that William Campbell was in the group:

Billy Shears = BillyS hears = Billys hear = Billys here

Billy was there, and the Beatles were introducing William (Billy) Campbell.


Now, everybody knows that the "hoax" was a publicity stunt (We believe it was created by some students from Columbia University). For those of you whom we've convinced, Paul McCartney is not dead. The Beatles won't admit it, but this scandal benefited them. Out of curiosity, millions of people purchased albums in search of the truth.


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