Paul is dead

Abbey Road - 1968

This album cover is, without doubt, our favorite, the clues are obvious:
The cover shows the Beatles walking across Abbey Road. John is dressed in white, as the preacher. Ringo is dressed as pallbearer, Paul, who is out of step, barefoot, and the only one holding a cigarette in his right hand when he is a left hander, is obviously a corpse. It is rumored, although we aren't sure, that people are buried barefoot in England. Can anyone verify that? George is dressed like the grave digger. A Volkswagen has a license plate that says "28 if" followed by "LMW." At the time of the release of the album, Paul would have been 28 if he were alive (counting 9 month pregnancy) and hmm... Linda McCartney Weeps? See the hearse in the background?
   On the back cover, the word "Beatles" is broken, and a glimpse of a woman (Lovely Rita?!) can be seen walking by. A group of holes that form the number "3" hmm... the remaining Beatles? If you look at the word Beatles vertically the B gives the eerie appearance of a skull.

Abbey Road Lyrics:

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