Paul is dead

This is the message one hears when they play the final lyrics of "I'm So Tired" from the Beatles White Album, backwards. People have discovered phone numbers on some album covers and called them. They recieved strange replies like, "you're getting closer" and "beware of Abbey Road". Many people started to believe that Paul Mccartney was dead. Of course, the phone numbers and messages could have been faked. But at the time...

The way we've heard it is that, Paul got into this car accident early one Wednesday morning at 5 am while looking at a pretty meter maid, not seeing the changing traffic lights. He wasn't killed outright, but his car caught fire, a crowd of people stood around, and then he died from head wounds (he lost his teeth and hair). The morning paper came out with an article which was quickly censored. Enter William Campbell and the upcoming Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

One day, a Paul McCartney look alike contest was held. The winner was William Campbell and he supposedly looked enough like Paul to sit in with the other Beatles for photographs. There is a picture of William Campbell on the poster that comes with the White album. He's in the lower left-hand corner. A small picture, he has a mustache and is wearing glasses. We do believe that the "hoax" might be a metaphysical statement made by The Beatles. In a way, Paul did die (My God he's a vegitarian), spiritually, as he was re-born in the ways of the Maharishi. A spiritual rebirth; his old self dying. The creative genius of the Beatles (and we think all of them were involved to some extent in the great hoax) was to have done this without anyone suspecting for a couple of years. It either started when a DJ stated that he thought Paul McCartney was dead, and that the proof lied in the album covers and lyrics of their songs, or when some Columbia students smoked a little too much and started hearing things in the Beatles' songs.

In the following documents, you can find an explanation of Album covers and song lyrics and how they relate to the death of Paul McCartney.


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1965 Rubber Soul

1966 Revolver

1967 Sgt. Pepper's lonely hearts club band

1967 Magical mystery tour

1968 Hey Jude

1968 The Beatles (A/K/A The White Album)

1968 Yellow Submarine

1969 Abbey Road

1970 Let it be


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