1970 LET IT BE


Released in UK on May 8, 1970

Apple (parlophone) PCS 7096 (only stereo)

and in the USA on May 18, 1970

Apple (Capitol) AR-34001 (only stereo)


my personal RATING : κκκ½ (out of 5)


The twilight of the Gods.

Let it be had not been the last recorded album of the Beatles.

Even if published later, it was recorded before Abbey Road sessions, and it remained unfinished since 1970, when

Phil Spector (scriptured by John) took the recordind tapes and made the disc.

Paul quitted the Beatles when he heard the arrangement on The Long and Winding Road made by

Spector (defining it "disgusting").

Two of us is the last song which feature John and Paul together into a brilliant acoustic song; to note the double-faced

I me mine by Harrison; I've got a feeling is a good ensemble live performance (one of the last); The long and winding road 

is a perfect soundtrack for the falling of the Beatles.

Let it be is the last message.

The dream is over.

Let it be.




September 1969: the Beatles together for the last time

in a photo session in Tittenhurst (John's house)




Here you'll find my personal rating for each song (out of 5 stars):                           


1. Two of us κκκ½

2. Dig a Pony κκκ

3. Across the universe* κκ

4. I me mine κκκ

5. Dig it κ½

6. Let it be κκκκκ

7. Maggie Mae κ½

8. I've got a feeling κκκ

9. Get Back* κκκκ

10.The long and winding road κκκκ½ 

11.For you blue κκ


* different from the single version


Recorded at Abbey Road studios on January 1969 (except Phil Spector's overdubs on January 1970)

Produced by The Beatles.


you should know that...


- Chronologically, I me mine was the last song recorded by the Beatles...


- Dig a Pony and I've got a feeling were also played by the band on the "Roof concert" on January, 28 1969...


- To listen The long and winding road as it were originally intended, hear the version on Anthology III - Disc 2 track 8 (it's the same as on Let it be album, but without the awful Spector's orchestral arrangement)...