"... You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one..."


Of all the Beatles' solo careers, John Lennon's had been certainly the best.

Among the wide range of recordings it is possible to recognize masterpieces (such as Imagine or Double Fanatsy)

and pure experimantation (for example Two virgins or Life with the lions).


Under the title of the album you can find the year of publishing (in US and in UK).


rating: NC

Unfinished music No.1

Two virgins

11-11-1968 US

29-11-1968 UK

rating: NC

Unfinished music No.2

Life with the lions

26-05-1969 US

09-05-1969 UK

rating: NC



Wedding album



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rating: κκ

Live Peace in Toronto

12-12-1969 US

12-12-1969 UK

rating: κκκκ

Plastic Ono Band

11-12-1970 US

11-12-1970 UK

rating: κκκκκ


09-09-1971 US

08-10-1971 UK




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rating: NC

Some Time in N.Y. City

12-06-1972 US

15-09-1972 UK

rating: κκκ

Mind Games

02-11-1973 US

16-11-1973 UK

rating: κκκ½

Walls and bridges

26-09-1974 US

04-10-1974 UK

rating: κκκ

Rock 'n' Roll

17-02-1975 US

21-02-1975 UK

Greatest Hits

Shaved fish

24-10-1975 US

24-10-1975 UK

rating: κκκ

Double fantasy

17-11-1980 US

17-11-1980 UK

Greatest Hits


John Lennon collection

08-11-1982 US

01-11-1982 UK

rating: κκ

Milk and Honey

19-01-1984 US

23-01-1984 UK

rating: κκκ

Live in N.Y. City

24-01-1986 US

24-01-1986 UK


Menlove Ave.

27-10-1986 US

03-11-1986 UK


Imagine: John Lennon

04-10-1988 US

10-10-1988 UK

Greatest Hits


late July 1991 US

30-10-1990 UK

Greatest Hits


Lennon legend

23-02-1998 US

27-10-1997 UK




03-11-1998 US

02-11-1998 UK



John Lennon Anthology

03-11-1998 US

02-11-1998 UK