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earlybeatles.jpg (33146 byte)


Liverpool, around 1958

harrison-lennon-sutcliffe.jpg (33556 byte)


Hamburg, around 1961


Beatles_gontour.jpg (13803 byte)


On tour, around 1963

Beatles_NY.jpg (22853 byte)


The first American tour, 1964

cross.jpg (30252 byte)


Around 1964


forsale_wide.jpg (29604 byte)


"Beatles for sale" shots, 1964


john_coffee.jpg (27299 byte)


John, around 1964

press.jpg (23481 byte)


Around 1964


john64.jpg (30198 byte)


John presents "In his own write"



b_studio.jpg (33656 byte)


Abbey Road Studios, 1967

BBC_Beatles.jpg (33819 byte)


If you look to the man on the left,

you'll see me...


beatles_piano.jpg (23299 byte)


The Beatles at the piano

Around 1965


Paul-Live.jpg (37346 byte)


The "Tripping the live fantastic" tour

Paul McCartney, 1991

beatles_comics.jpg (32812 byte)


A coloured poster


george.jpg (33311 byte)

George, around 1987


last.jpg (39033 byte)

The last takes together, 1969

george_john.jpg (25265 byte)


A symbolic picture bring John and George

together again


sell_beatles.jpg (11938 byte)

An American stamp

dedicated to the Beatles



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