1965 HELP!


Released in UK on August 6, 1965

Parlophone PMC 1255 (mono), PCS 3071 (stereo)

and in the USA on August 13, 1965

Capitol MAS-2386 (mono), SMAS-2386 (stereo)


my personal RATING : κκκκ (out of 5)


The attitude to composition by the legendary duo Lennon-McCartney started to grow enourmously in 1965 .

George's songs begun to have a certain importance too (his contributions to the album were I need you and You like me too much)

Help! contains, with exception of some cases (tracks 8 and 14 for example), very good songs.

The "Dylanian" You've got to hide your love away shows how John's lyrics turned into reflession and 

how the Beatles started to use their words to share other messages unlike You and me or Love

Paul wrote his first masterpiece (or the whole Pop Music's masterpiece) Yesterday, inspired by a dream.

Ticket to ride was labelled by media as the first Beatles' song with links to drugs use.

The title-track Help! is another Beatles' classic later revisited by many other artists.

Another thing that hits you hearing the album is the better and more defined performance quality of the songs the band

has reached.



Here you'll find my personal rating for each song (out of 5 stars):                           


1. Help! κκκκ½

2. The night before κκκ

3. You've got to hide your love away κκκκ

4. I need you κκκ

5. Another girl κκ½

6. You're going to lose that girl κκκ

7. Ticket to ride κκκκ½

8. Act naturally κκ

9. It's only love κκκ

10.You like me too much κκκ

11.Tell me what you see κκ½

12.I've just seen a face κκ

13.Yesterday κκκκκ

14.Dizzy Miss Lizzy κκ


Recorded at Abbey Road studios from February to June 1965.

Produced by George Martin.


The Beatles on the snow during the takes

of the film "Help!"  (1965).