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The video created for the Beatles' "Free as a Bird" has many references to Beatle events, song, and rumors.  

Here's a chronological listing of what you can find. 


1) The sound of a bird's wings is heard both on this video and
on the original version of "Across the Universe."

2) The opening sound effects and flight effects throughout could represent "Flying", "And Your Bird Can Sing","Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)", "Blue Jay Way" and "Blackbird."


3) "In My Life," the lads as lads. 

Top row, John, George and Ringo. Bottom row Paul.
Funny that Paul is seperate from the group, could  it mean something?

4) Fly and butterfly may represent "Flying"


5) More of the lads as lads. Left to right, Paul, John, Ringo, & George. There's an "Old Brown Shoe" 

in front of George. 


6) The cat. "I'm Only Sleeping"

7) "Here Comes the Sun"

8) Liverpool's River Mersey
There are places I'll remember. "In My Life"


9) Royal Liver Buildings (pronounced Lye-ver) 



10) Liverpool Docks 


11 ) John, Paul, George, & Ringo with the crowd in the "Rain"  0:39:04 

12) The Cavern Club. The bouncer has a flat top "Come Together" 0:48:13 

13) The Cavern Club. The bouncer has a flat top "Come Together" 0:48:13 

14) The Beatles perform "Some Other Guy" at the Cavern 0:54:21 

15) Police restrain fans from approaching the Beatles 1:02:03 

16) Strawberry Field, "Strawberry Fields Forever" 1:08:10 

17) Who's this at Strawberry Field? John? "Mother Nature's Son?" 1:10:18 

18) Silver Hammer Hardware Store, from "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" 1:15:29 



19) See how they run, "Lady Madonna" 


20) Foreground: "I Want To Hold Your Hand" Background: I am the eggman, "I Am the Walrus" Above the Eggman's truck is a sign that says Ringo. 1:21:27 

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