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She goes out "For No One, "
and carrying pictures
of Chairman Mao "Revolution"
And Max, the Blue Meanie, does an encore.
Sleeps in a hole in the road, "Mean Mr. Mustard"
Does this mean that the Meanie's full name is Max Mustard?



62) John & Yoko waltz, from "I Me Mine" segment of Let It Be Bus at end of street from Magical Mystery Tour 3:26:13 


63) Bungalow Bill, his elephant and gun, in case of accidents he always took his mom. "The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill" Ringo is at right. 3:35:14 



64) Some say he's Ravi Shankar, but he's probably not. Lets just say he represents the influence of Indian music. 3:42:17 


65) Brian Epstein puts on his scarf to leave, "I Don't Want To Spoil The Party" 3:49:00 


66) "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" 3:50:06 

67) Stu Sutcliffe on the James Dean cutout, and, I think its the Maharishi Mahash Yogi. 3:52:09 


68) Mother Mary from "Let It Be" or "Lady Madonna" 3:59:02  


69) "Eleanor Rigby." September 12th. The song was certified US Gold on September 12, 1966. Another odd suggestion is an obscure song from the Broadway musical "Hair." 4:01:14 


70) Father Mackenzie from "Eleanor Rigby" 4:02:26 

71 ) "Martha My Dear" and Father Mackenzie 4:04:04  

72) "The Fool on the Hill" "She's Leaving Home" "The Long and Winding Road" 4:08:25 


73) "Lovely Rita," filling in a ticket in her little black book. 4:15:08 


74) Abbey Road 4:21:07 


75) Paul in A Hard Day's Night 4:32:11 



76) John & George in A Hard Day's Night 4:32:24 

77) Ringo in A Hard Day's Night 4:33:17 


78) A man and his dog. What does it mean? 4:40:08 


79) The curtain falls, "The End."
The performer plays a Banjo-Uke, and is
George Formby, a British music hall performer of the 30s & 40s.
Formby was known to say "it's turned out nice again," which is the backwards
message heard at the end of the song.

80) Images are 1995 Apple Corps Limited


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