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You say its your "Birthday."
The cake has two digits on it, "When I'm Sixty-Four"




42) George arrives at Apple headquarters 2:10:17 


43) Dr. Robert's office, conveniently located at 3 Saville Row 2:14:23 



44) Ringo has his camera 2:20:02 


45) A crowd of people stood and stared, including John. "A Day In the Life" 2:24:02  


46) He blew his mind out in a car. "A Day In the Life." You were in a car crash. "Don't Pass Me By" The license plate is either YEE 7 or YFE 7. One suggestion was that it means "Wifey 7," and refers to the seven Beatle wives. 2:27:15  

47) He likes to keep his fire engine clean. It's a clean machine. "Penny Lane" 2:29:08 


48) Pretty policeman standing in a row, "I Am the Walrus" 2:30:20 


49) I go back to the top of the slide, "Helter Skelter" 2:39:02 


50) "Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kite" 2:40:00 

51 ) The ladder leads up to a leg disappearing where "She Came In Through the Bathroom Window" 2:45:01  

52) The flowers that grow so incredibly high "Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds" 2:48:13 

53) "Piggies" also See how they run like pigs from a gun, "I Am the Walrus" 2:55:01 


54) ALike a Lizard on a Window Pane "Happiness is a Warm Gun" 2:58:18 


55) "Paperback Writer" and the clock reads 10:10, which is "One After 909" 3:02:29 



56) John, a bowl of shiny green Granny Smith apples, and the Beatles on Sullivan. Also a newspaper headline about 4,000 holes found in Blackburn, Lancashire, "A Day In the Life". And a box of "Savoy Truffle." On the floor, to the right of the truffles, is a portrait of the Queen, "Penny Lane" & "Her Majesty" 3:09:08


57) On the window, a picture of Chairman Mao "Revolution" 3:12:04  


58) A blue meanie peeks out while the man is "Fixing a Hole" 3:14:18 


59) "Hey Bulldog!" There on the left side of the picture. 3:21:12 

60) Newspaper taxis appear "Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds" 3:22:26 


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