Released in UK on December 4, 1964

Parlophone PMC 1240 (mono), PCS 3062 (stereo)

and in the USA mixed into "Beatles '65 (December 15, 1964)

Capitol T-2228 (mono), ST-2228 (stereo)

and "Beatles VI"  (June 14, 1965)

Capitol T-2358 (mono) and ST-2358 (stereo)


my personal RATING : κκ (out of 5)


Probably the worst Beatles' album ever. Recorded fast between filming "Help!" and live concerts in the USA.

As usual the classics do not miss,,,Eight days a week, Baby's in black and No reply are the ones which can be compared

with the standards of usual Lennon/McCartney's compositions.

I'll follow the sun and Every little thing are interesting too.

The other tracks are covers of some rock and roll classics of the period.


Here you'll find my personal rating for each song (out of 5 stars):                           


1. No reply κκκ

2. I'm a loser κκκ

3. Baby's in black κκκ½

4. Rock and roll music κκ

5. I'll follow the sun κκκ

6. Mr. Moonlight κκ

7. Medley: Kansas City / Hey, hey, hey, hey κκ

8. Eight days a week κκκ½

9. Words of love κκ

10.Honey don't κ½

11.Every little thing κκ½

12.I don't want to spoil the party κκ½

13.What you're doing κκ½

14. Everybody's trying to be my baby κκ


Recorded at Abbey Road studios from August to October 1964

Produced by George Martin.


 A rare photo of a Beatles' concert in technicolor (1964).