Released in UK on September, 26 1969

Apple (Parlophone) PCS 7088 (only stereo)

and in the USA on October, 1 1969.

Apple (Capitol) SO-383 (only stereo)


my personal RATING : ««««« (out of 5)


The latest Beatles' album is a masterpiece in the whole music history.

Who hadn't listened to this album yet?

If you had not, then run to buy it!

Abbey Road is the most technically refined album of the Beatles, with its 8-track recordings full of crystalline

transparency sounds, lively equalized, even if strangely mixed in some occasions..

The grave sounds range is deep and sumptuous and Starr's drums is fuller than ever (his bass-drum, in particular

is really effective).






George and Paul in Studio 2 at Abbey Road during the recordings for the last album recorded by the Beatles.



Here you'll find my personal rating for each song (out of 5 stars):



1. Come together κκκκκ

2. Something κκκκκ

3. Maxwell's silver hammer κκ

4. Oh darling κκκ

5. Octopus's garden κκκ

6. I want you (she's so heavy) κκκκ

7. Here comes the sun κκκκκ

8. Because κκκκ

9. You never give me your money κκκ

10.Sun king κκ

11.Mean Mr. mustard κκ

12.Polythene Pam κκ

13.She came in through the bathroom window κκκ

14.Golden slumbers κκκκ

15.Carry that way κκκκ

16.The end κκκκ

17.Her majesty κκ


Recorded at Abbey Road from February to August 1969 .

Produced by The Beatles.



you should know that...

...there's a connection between this record and the rumours on presumed Paul's death...to know more click here

...Octopus's garden was the second Ringo's song appearing on a Beatles' album (after Don't Pass me by - White album)

...Frank Sinatra defined Something as the best song of all the time...

...Her Majesty was initially icluded into the "Long Medley" (between Mean Mr.Mustard and Polythene Pam)...